Photo Gallery

Light weight RC rigs are cost effective and well suited for the Taraira Gold Belt environment.

Exploring old workings at the Taraira Gold Belt.

The Exploration Manager looking for gold.

Gold can readily be panned in many areas.

Launching the Cosigo reconnaissance barge.

The Drill has arrived at Machado camp.

The runways were short. Had to push the plane into position.

Old workings at Peladero on Machado ridge.

In front of Agamenons adit at Cerro Rojo.

Old open pit gold mine at Cerro Rojo on Machado Ridge.

The VP South American Operations prospecting in the Taraira Gold Belt.

DC-3, Business Class.

Training course at Machado.

Worker's training course at Machado.

The kids of Taraira.

Moiso: Expert Gold Panner.

Old airstrips make recconnaissance easier.

Bridge maintenance at Machado.

A well deserved break for the prospecting crew.

Investigating old workings at Taraira Gold Belt.

The gold pan is an effective tool in the Taraira region.

Prospecting crew ready to head out for the day.