Other Projects




Cosigo's management group has extensive mining industry experience in a wide range of geographical and geological regions including Canada, United States, Greenland, Scandinavia, Russia, Africa and South America where the group has been active in Colombia for more than 15 years. While the flagship Machado project is the primary focus of Cosigo' s exploration efforts, the Company currently holds properties and/or is carrying out exploration work in several well known gold districts.


Cosigo is currently exploring three properties in Brazil:
  • Castano
  • Bittencourt
  • Cerrinha
These properties have been acquired by Cosigo through staking and target geology similar to that of the Machado project. Sampling and prospecting programs are currently being planned to evaluate these properties.


Cosigo teams regularly carry out reconnaissance programs throughout prospective areas in Colombia and Brazil such as:
  • Northeast, Brazil
  • Northwest, Brazil
  • Boyaca, Colombia
  • Sur Bolivar, Colombia
  • Cauca, Colombia
  • Narino, Colombia

Property submittals

Outside of its currently owned and in-house generated properties Cosigo is working to create value by actively seeking opportunities in the booming exploration climate currently underway in Colombia. Our well-known and established South American team frequently receives property submittals from property owners in Colombia and Brazil. These submittals are passed on to the Company's Canadian headquarters for a rapid first pass evaluation. Properties of merit subsequently receive follow-up investigation ranging from property visits and verification sampling to initial discussion regarding business terms.